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Book a consultation so we can discuss your health goals and determine which path best fits your needs.

Holistic Wellness Assessment

Designed for those with complex cases, this 90-minute appointment is part of a thorough intake process to help me understand your primary health concerns so that they can be supported using a wholistic, integrative approach. I will gain an understanding of your health history, current symptoms, and diet and lifestyle habits. Prior to your appointment, I will meticulously analyze your intake questionnaires. During your appointment, we will explore your health status together so that we can identify areas for improvement and possible causes of imbalance. After your session, you will receive a personalized holistic protocol designed to kickstart your journey to optimal health.


Personalized Nutrition and Supplement Assessment

After thoroughly assessing your diet through intake questionnaires and a 50-minute appointment, I will provide you with a customized report containing recommendations to improve your nutritional status. Recommendations will include diet improvements as well as dosing and types of nutritional supplements to fill in any gaps that cannot be met through diet alone. 

Businss owners?Let's Work Together!

Are you a health food store owner looking for ways to increase sales and drive excitement to your business? Contact me to inquire about my wellness workshops. Email me at: to request more information. 

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