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How I Can Help You

If you have an autoimmune condition, fatigue, food sensitivities, chronic pain, inflammation, gut health disorders, or just want to optimize your health, you are in the right place. I assess whole-body health status to give you a personalized, comprehensive protocol that will restore your body's natural healing ability. In addition to holistic nutrition, I encourage the use of holistic health modalities, such as herbalism, dietary supplementation, and lifestyle changes. As a Holistic Wellness Professional, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, and with a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health, I have the skills and knowledge needed to help you accomplish your health goals. Book a consultation and lets get you back to feeling like your best self!

Emerald S., BCHN

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My Story

I was born and raised in California and genrally healthy as a child. I participated in sports and enjoyed running. However, at age of 21, I began to experience severe pain, unlike any other. I was diagnosed with autoimmune arthritis and was told that I would need medication for the rest of my life otherwise I would likely need multiple surgeries in as soon as 6 months. Determined to maintain my strength for as long as possible I searched for ways to get back to feeling like myself. Eventually, I learned of the connection between food and health, and a passion was ignited. 


Using holistic health concepts such as nutrition and lifestyle changes, my illness went into remission and I felt better than ever. I began pursuing a career in the health and wellness field and I have made it my mission to help people who are on a similar path as I was to embrace a holistic lifestyle and address any imbalances so they can rediscover their true strength.

Thank you for reading a little about me and I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you soon!

Your partner in wellness and friend,


Emerald S.

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