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Our Approach

At The Nutrition Restoration, we prioritize health over vanity. Founded by an “autoimmune warrior,” we understand the importance of feeling good enough to work, go to school, enjoy time with loved ones, and simply live freely - uninhibited by fatigue, aches, and pains.


Our approach goes deeper than a calories in/calories out framework. We use integrative health strategies to address all realms of wellness using nutrition, supplements, herbs, functional testing, holistic lifestyle principles, and client-centered coaching, all accessible from an online portal and app to fit busy lifestyles. 

Work With Us:

Wellness Subscription

An affordable plan that balances automation and human interaction to make our support accessible to all. Employers and business owners: provide a truly valuable perk to your team by adding our group Wellness Subscription to your corporate wellness program. Working professionals, stay-at-home parents, students, our Wellness Subscription is an ideal fit for all. Click below to learn more:

We offer comprehensive online programs to provide in-depth training and support for those who need it. Our current offering focuses on helping you live your best life with autoimmunity. We are not anti-medicine. Our goal is to teach you about additional strategies to help you feel your best with autoimmunity. Click below to learn more and apply today!

Premium Programs

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